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MOCA vs. Powerline : G.hn (Comtrend) and Homeplug AV2 (TpLink AV1000) compared


Lon.TV: Gaming with a Wire: MOCA vs. Wi-Fi Mesh for Gamers

In this video we see how extending your network with a wire vs. Wi-Fi Mesh is better for gamers.

LonTV Shows How MoCA Can Improve Your Wi-Fi

Lon Seidman of LonTV shows how MoCA can help your Wi-Fi network with a performance increase up to 500%. And more cost-effectively than adding more Wi-fi Mesh.

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Interview: MoCA Technology - Extending Your WiFi with Cable TV Wiring!


Explainer: How a MOCA network works

Google Wifi Update: Connect Remote Units Via Ethernet / MOCA vs. Wirelessly How To

Actiontec ECB6200K02 Bonded MOCA 2.0 Review - Extend a network with cable TV wires!

Actiontec MoCA Ethernet over Coax Adapter Kit Review - ECB2500c

Q&A: Where to install a MOCA filter

Actiontec MOCA 2.0 802.11ac Wireless Network Extender Review - WCB6200Q02



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“I just added a MoCA network in conjunction with an upgrade of my Cablevision bandwidth and added the equipment with the service tech watching.

He kept saying that I’d have to yank it off the system if it interfered with either the TV or data, plus the obligatory 'we don’t support this stuff'. Interestingly, once it worked and added coverage to the other side of my 1920’s house, he was blown away. (Me too.) ”

- Roger, New York, NY